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Electronics and programs

In addition to braided composites other areas of interest are production of specialized electronic systems and custom software development.

Also in this area Technofiber collaborates with a number of important subjects and has successfully completed several projects. One of them is the development of management systems to optimize energy consumption in low-energy and passive houses (in collaboration with the CVTU in Prague). The control system was designed based on the requirements of the regulation, reliability and user availability.

Another contract was a device for smelting casting wax model of the shell. Here was used microwave technology to significantly reduce operational costs and allow the wax-friendly rendering of the minimum degradation.

In the project for the training center of Temelin NPP was designed simulator of telecommunications center. They discussed building a power plant operator's workplace, including simulation of all possible messages, emergency states and operator's responses. In the second stage of the project was completed by trainer simulator of video surveillance with visual analysis of leakage in the reactor hall, engine room and IC technologies.

The newest project is to establish cooperation with Energoklastrem, which became Technofiber member. Its aim is to reduce the energy intensity of industrial production through optimization of production processes using effective management tools, innovations wind as an alternative source of electricity, increasing the efficiency of propeller systems, wind tunnel and reducing energy consumption of machinery.

The company is also working on electric car production (cooperation with Energoklastr and CVVI).

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