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TECHNOFIBER - manufacturer of braided carbon composites

What are the braided composite products?

Let's have a short look intuit history.
Depending on prevalent materials of the particular historic period we describe different civilizations as The Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age, in which, despite the overall societal progress, we still live. Discovery of plastic materials in the last century still did not replaced iron and steel.

Similar view can be applied to mankind's progress in the protection against inclement climate. People first used the animal hides and furs as a prime materials for clothing. Later they discovered braiding and weaving of fibers. For example, they used primitively processed bast to make shoes. In the course of history the fabric manufacturing progressed from crude linen to smooth silk, from a primitive loom to a computer operated machinery in fully automated factories.

Technofiber's technology progressed even farther - it creates a new generation of materials based on carbon fibers. This new material is stronger than steel but as light as delicate fabric, it does not corrode in hostile environment and does not yield to a material fatigue as most steel products do. Without those materials the outer space research would be impossible.

What is the essence of Technofiber's product line quality?

A constant research and permanent testing of new composite materials guarantee its high quality. For the technical properties required by customers is important to find the right combination and weaving pattern of different fibers. Different applications need different ratio of carbon, glass, and aramid fibers in the fabric, different epoxy resins and different technology of curing of the final product. The company utilizes exclusively its own fabric created with the most advanced technology - triaxial braiding. Technofiber offer a wide selection of materials of required strength, cohesion, density and flexibility while respecting the specific weight of the material requested by the customer. Of course, a such a technological achievement is not possible by the old-fashion trial/error method, but it's a result of close cooperation between the manufacturer, technical colleges, different private research centers, and government testing and licensing agencies. (More to find at our Research page or at CVVI site[external link, in Czech language only], which was initiated by Technofiber that is still a very active partner in this institution.)

Why to purchase from Technofiber?

There are not many composite material manufacturers to choose from. Not every one of them uses the most advanced technology. For example, tubular profiles can be simply fabricated by wrapping a flat fabric bandoleer a pilot rod or by the most advanced technology of triaxial braiding over the mandrel. Even a layman understands what difference in strength those two examples pose. A triaxialy braided tube can be drilled without losing its strength. This technology is extensively used in the Formula 1 cars construction.

It must also be clear other suppliers offer you a number of serial products with given properties and you can only either accept or reject, but not control them.

But if you want to upgrade any of your product, reduce its weight while maintaining strength and durability, enhance the safety of your product, you're at the right place! If you want build the new F-1 car, Technofiber can develop for you an air-box to the engine intake, like this one.

air box

Technofiber company - strong business partner

As it is clear from this description of manufacturing a wide variety of products, Technofiber is a very strong business partner maintaining the highest quality of products, provides fastest delivery even of atypical products at lower price than most of its competitors.

Enter our pages to learn in detail what we produce...

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