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Other products

As you can see bellow, Technofiber is not “just a windsurfing mast” manufacturing company – we are involved in a very wide variety of product manufacturing and r&d in the composite field!

Rollers for large printing presses

The metal rollers are heavy and the speed with which modern printing presses work generates flying forces – check! – which will, over time, produce considerable wear and tear on ball bearings supporting these rollers.

We can solve this problem by delivering rollers which are much lighter, yet tougher, than steel. Their use will keep your ball bearings in working order much longer and, over time, save you considerable maintenance as well as spare parts money.

Tubes for turn table production

We have been delivering carbon fiber tubes with very small diameters to several manufacturers of turn tables in EU as well as other parts of the world. Again, the toughness and low weight of the composite materials is a very significant factor here. The stiff turn-table arms enhance the performance of the entire deck quite considerable, as the vibrations of the system are dampened by the stiff composite arm.

Composite tubes for musical instrument production

We currently deliver these products to the world-renown Brno-based company “Furch Guitars”. The stiffness of the carbon tubes is superior to metal tubes – and our tubes are feather light! The neck of the guitar has to be supported by these tubes to give the neck stiffness and provide resistance to bending. (I.e. this is done in high-quality guitars – such as Furch).

For Furch products, see Furch web site

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Stiffness support for long guns

We have developed - with several gun-smiths in the Czech republic – carbon fiber stocks for several prototypes of precision rifles. So far this is in the development stage but the results have been more than promising. The carbon “envelope” prevents or restricts movement or vibration of the barrel during the bullet’s movement through it – thus increasing the accuracy of the rifle. We are continuing our R&D on several such projects.

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