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Our research activities

Company Technofiber ltd was founded by Ing.Josef Komárek and Dr.Peter Havlíček. They transferred know-how of company Dynafiber USA, which had been concerned with windsurfing mast prodution. Products from composite materials (especially made from carbon and glass fiber) are the presently a production schedule of Technofiber. To improve innovation and product portfolio expansion, the company focuses cooperation with universities and other entities (e.g.CVUT, CVVI, Energoklastr or MZLU). The company is involved in transport, energy, engeneering, construction a sports.

The main activities of Technofiber are prodution and innovation of carbon fiber composites, R and D in the use of carbon fiber instead of traditionals, developement highly specialized electro-machines (developement of the equipment to order).

Company Technofiber has extensive experience of joint R and D and innovation projects with various institutions - e.g. nuclear power station Temelin, Army CR, CVUT. The project on the which Technofiber is involved, is the Science and Technology park with aerodynamic tunnel in Milovice Resort, which has become a base for research and testing technologies for the automobile industry in terms of energy, renewable resources of energy and electric vehicles. Our company cooperated in the developement and preparation of the electric vehicles with Austrian Automobil-Cluster (for more information see www.automobil-cluster.at). The cooperation had been ended. Now Technofiber joins Czech Energoklastr, and all dealings pass over it or CVVI. The aims of this group are: reducing energy intensity of production, traffic and transport properties and using alternative power sources.

For more infos about CVVI and Energoklastr see:

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