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goal for ball sports


Our next products made by triaxial braid technology are goals for ball sports.

Football (soccer)

Early in 2009 we started our R&D for goals used in the probably most popular sport in the world – football. Why football? Most people in EU countries have surely heard about serious injuries – or even deaths – incurred by usually young

players (children or junior players) who were hit by a falling goal structure. These tragic events motivated us to use our experience in ultra-light yet tough composites – and the idea to manufacture football goals was born.

Several prototypes were constructed during 2009 and subsequently tested at CVUT Praha. (Czech Technical University Prague). These tests were carried out in Prague and the principal owner and general manager of Technofiber Josef Komarek was present during all of the tests to assist with his expertise and know-how.

The outcomes of all of the tests have been very positive and the first final products have been delivered to several selected football clubs in Czech republic. Our new goals do not fall over as easily as the aluminium products. Should they “keel over” anyway, they would not hurt anybody because they are very light in the top part – where the weight is of utmost importance – as regards the ability of the falling goal to inflict injuries. Results of many tests show composite football goal the most secure one:

    football goal with children
  1. for roll it over it needs 17 times more energy compared to alluminium goal and 12 times more compared to steel one,
  2. keeling football goal
  3. kinetic energy of falling composite goal is 5 times less compared to alluminium goal and 3 times less compared to steel one. Our composite goal don't fall even from shown position.

During 2010 Technofiber is delivering several hundred such composite goals which are absolutely safe for players of all ages. Our first customers are football clubs in Czech republic, but we are going to look for customers in other European countries within this year.

A detailed specification of the patented industrial design and the protected product is available on request.

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The goals are designed for indoor ball sports (handball, mini soccer, ball hockey, cycle ball, etc.) The goals are made from multilayer combined glass/carbon composite. Final product has excelent mechanical properties and low weight due to triaxial braid technology.

During develop these features was emphasized: low weight, mechanical and climatic resistance, minimal maintenance requirements - abrasion resistance, safety and security of materials and particularly simple design for easy distribution, relocation and rebuilding in the usually crowded areas of school gyms and multipurpose halls.

Basic model (on top picture) is derived from standard handball goal. Measures (height x width x depth): 170 x 240 x 95 cm, rod diameter 50 mm. The individual parts are made of colored composite (red) supplemented with foil (white) that ensures color durability of the product.

It's possible to deliver the implementation of goals in other sizes and colors.

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