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Sports equipment

Benefits of triaxial braided carbon fiber, which forms the basis of a number of composite products Technofiber are applied in many sports and very diverse categories of sports equipment.

Besides the "technical" sports such as sports cars, aircraft, yachts, boats and windsurfing, the composite materials also used in the production of "simpler" sporting goods. Composites are used wherever there are advantages of strength, flexibility, high stiffness and low weight above. It is not only "in" sports 21st century, but also very traditional sports such as ice hockey, canoeing, kayaking, cycling (e.g. by bycicle Pells of our pipes Kozlíková placed 4th at the Olympic Games in Athens), and to deliver sport motorcycle exhausts for motocross bikes etc.

Many of the above mentioned products have undergone a long and complicated history and so is not easy to enforce in this area as a producer and a major "player". We succeeded, and this is reflected in our manufacturing and design philosophy, whether we speak of semi-finished or finished products.

Our customers are manufacturers of hockey, floorball sticks, as well as manufacturers of paddles and oars. In cooperation with them constantly develop new products and/or convenience. Most of them are either of lines producers or ordered goods that were manufactured to order for the competitive athlete.

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