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Our work in the windsurfing business has led quite naturally to a related product – yacht and boat equipment. The properties of carbon composites offer wide range of advantages in this field – to the manufacturer as well as to the customer of the final product. We currently manufacture several products which so far have met with very positive echo on the side of our customers. We have been able to develop new technological processes which have made it possible for us to design yacht masts which can compete with products of any world-renown manufacturer.

All of our boating products have a polyurethane coating which protects the carbon composites against the damaging UV light.

We are currently able and ready to deliver to boat and yacht builders different tubular products – be they very simple or more complex in construction or profile. We also manufacture as per individual custom orders. (Yacht battens, spinnaker poles, spars, tiller extensions, etc.) Let us know your wishes and we are sure we can find a solution to your needs! All of our boating products have been tested by the Devoti Sailing Ltd. After the tests we had modified some of them and they are now fully compatible with the needs of the boat- and yacht manufacturers. We think that they belong to the best the market offers.

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