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The current production program are products from composite materials, mainly of carbon and glass fibers, particularly the production of sports goods. The company now produces masts for yachts and small boats (and many other marine components), windsurf masts (in response to an eight-year development of the company Dynafiber USA) and various semiproducts and components of composite materials for demanding applications.

Technofiber is one of the few companies in Czech Republic, which mastered the difficult technology of composite processing. Unlike its competitors our association focuses on development, which has been implemented in collaboration with universities. Also solves specific customer requirements by them defined features of product. The company also piques itself on a number of important customers such as NPP Temelin, Army of CR, or the TOS Hulin. Most of the projects continues next stages.

In the future, the company turns more to the automobile industry and new possibilities in electronics and renewable sources. Sporting goods will be made only to a specific customer order. However, it still intends to cooperate with universities to further develop technologies (curing chamber, autoclave, safety goals, etc.). All research and development will be applied to new areas and products You require.

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